MP Shahid’s seat will be vacant if Kuwait citizenship proven: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today told the parliament that the seat of independent MP Mohammad Shahid Islam will be vacant if it is found that he is a citizen of Kuwait.

“We will look into the matter of whether the independent MP Mohammad Shahid Islam Papul is a citizen of Kuwait. We are communicating with Kuwait. If it is proven, the seat (Laxmipur-2) has to be vacated in line with the law,” Hasina said in an unscheduled discussion.

She also informed the House that the government is investigating the lawmaker in the country.

“That lawmaker is an independent MP. He sought nomination from Awami League but we didn’t give it to him. We gave the seat (Laxmipur-2) to Jatiya Party. But JP’s Noman who was given nomination, didn’t participate in the election and MP Mohammad Shahid Islam Papul won in the national polls,” Sheikh Hasina said.

The leader of the House further said that Papul also made his wife a lawmaker (from reserved seats for women in parliament).

“We didn’t do that,” she said.

Earlier, speaking on a point of order, opposition BNP MP Harunur Rashid told parliament that according to the Article 66 of the constitution, if anyone accepts citizenship of any foreign country or expresses loyalty to any foreign nation, he won’t be able to participate in the national election.

Harun said different media have published report quoting the foreign minister AK Abdul Momen that independent MP Mohammad Shahid Islam was arrested in Kuwait as a Kuwaiti citizen.

“Honourable Speaker you will have to clarify if he accepted citizenship of Kuwait because the foreign minister has revealed this after collecting all information,” Harun said.

The BNP MP also said that all media have published that the passport Papul had used to visit Kuwait, was not of Bangladesh.

“Then he is certainly a foreign citizen without any doubt and he has concealed information during participation in the last parliamentary election.”

He also demanded that Speaker Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury must take actions against Papul in line with the constitution.

Additionally, BNP MP Harunur Rashid also came down heavily on the health ministry and the heath minister for giving permission to Regent Hospital to treat Covid-19 patients.

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